Koprulu Interplanetary Alliance


Rich with bounty from the seas, plains, and forests, the planets of Koprulu were paradises of unnatural splendor, home of a wide variety of flora and fauna.. until human settlers of the old republic found it. They took advantage of the wide array of never before tasted delicacies and quickly spread across the sector, their colony ships repurposed as giant arks for their merchants to traverse back into the the core worlds of the republic to gain prestige and credits.

An egalitarian society, they remain true to their archaic election process using the alternate vote as a means for electing representatives of the different communes and planets. Their lifestyle is also one of much joy seeking, the leading ideology being that of non-committal polyamory spurred from their spiritual reverence of their ancestors as a whole. Children, when born, are taken and raised in communal combines where they follow a dichotomously rigid curriculum, their only reprieve consisting of their moral studies taught to them through the stories of their founding father in a marvelous work of art named, the Epic of Jayne.
When Separatists began to clash with the Republic, the Koprulu Sector was at the height of its popularity, an epicenter of gourmands, pleasure seekers, and sightseers alike. With the growing needs of feeding a standing army of clones they unified as a whole offering freely a tithe of their well known prosperity to the Republic. As time and conflict went on the tithe increased culminating at the induction of the Emperor, the sector being left a shadow of its former self, neglecting education for more progeny as the Imperial Tithe had raised to 80% of their total yield.

The Koprulu Sector desires independence from the Empire, seeing value in the old Separatist cause, tired of the heavy levees enforced upon them to feed the troops, as well as the lack of Empire mobilization to defend them from the potential aggression of the Hive. The Empire has thus far denied the Hive access to the Koprulu Sector, but hasn’t stepped up any presence in theirs nor the neighboring Vega Sector, uncomfortably placed between it and the Hive’s Bandak Sector.

Koprulu Interplanetary Alliance

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